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The story continues


/ year the company was founded.

We have been working with metal and flexible pipes since 1949

Always included in the automotive market, for which series production is started – Facchini creates tailor-made solutions for any type of Customer thanks to the specialised production of small batches treated in detail with precise tailoring.

Most of Facchini’s products are mounted on industrial vehicles, on agricultural, marine and military vehicles. The type of piping that is made varies from pipes for the conduction of fluids (hydraulic pipes, air pipes, water pipes, oil suction pipes, oil level rod pipes), to those for pipes for drainage systems, through those dedicated to air conditioning or structural and carpentry elements (struts, platforms, handrails).

From cutting to bending, from shaping to pipes tapering, passing through welding: these are the main work phases that Facchini carries out for the realization of the details requested by customers.

Some production processes require external processing, such as protective treatments such as galvanising and painting, for which the company uses competent, reliable and competitive suppliers.

/ services and the future


& just-in-time

Facchini gravitates in the STELLANTIS – IVECO world, serving factories all over the world.
Flexibility and just-in-time are its strengths, along with the efficiency of production processes and the quality of standards.
Facchini has made Customer service a real mantra, translated into concrete results.

All orders are followed at every stage, from the design of the product to its final application, passing through tests and essential modifications to tailor the part requested by the Customer.

The centrality attributed to the Customer Service over time has structured the work of Facchini in an authentic organization with processes, able to best follow those who choose to make use of the services offered.
To achieve this revolution, the company has always focused on the continuous training of the workforce.

Facchini is not only a production site, but a reality that believes in the social role represented within the community in which it is inserted.
Safety, quality and respect for the environment. These are the values on which our business has always been based.

Since 1949 alongside customers Since

/ sustainability

Sustainability Policy

In the spring of 2023, Facchini drafted and published its first Sustainability Report, referring to the four-year period 2019-2022, a period of great achievements and great development and job and economic growth.

In 2023, Facchini drafted and published the document relating to corporate sustainability policies, which contains a series of guidelines through which the company sets itself objectives and behaviours aimed at improving the level of corporate sustainability.

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